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I am a new builder and I was looking to purchase this mobo. The concern I have is if I eventually crossfire this board (5870s) will I still be able to fit my wireless card into the PCI slot. I have looked closely at the board in pictures as well as youtube and from my perspective is that the space the wireless card has it would pretty much be kissing the video card. Any recommendations as to what I could do or any alternative boards that may provide different spacing with the same characteristics of this board? Would it be best to just purchase a wireless card that is PCI-E compatable (dont know if these exist)? Thanks for your help and input. :wahoo:

Here is a link to the mobo:
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  1. The 5870s would no doubt be dual slot, so if you have the cards in the upper two slots, both pci slots will be blocked... you could use one of the top slots and the white slot, except then it may not run at 16/16... id recommend just getting a PCIe wireless card, yes they do exist :)
  2. You'd have to buy a pci express wireless card because all the pci slots would be covered if you sli those 5870... I have the same board...
  3. In the manual it says it can run 16/16/1 if you use the bottom pci-e, so i don't see where's the problem?
  4. Edit, nm, it looks like you wont be able to use the pci slot with crossfire, only the pci-e x1 at the bottom
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