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In the asus p8 z68 pro, you have 4 sata2 ports, 2 sata3 ports, and an additional 2 sata3 port via Marvell.
Raid is only possible on the intel ports and not the Marvell.
I wanted to use 2 HD on the Sata3 in raid1 configuration, and then add a small 20GB SSD with intel SRT technology.
The question is, can I connect this SSD to the marvel SATA3 port? Or is it possible only to connect it to a port that support RAID?

Is SSD drive considered part of a Raid array? Or is the SRT technology is in an addition to a raid.


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  1. Do you mean you want to know if you can use a small capacity ssd as a cache for two hard disk drives that are set up in a Raid1 configuration? If that is your question, the answer is yes. However, according to Intel and Asus forums you will experience a performance hit and there could be other problems. You would be better off not using SRT for the two hard drives in a Raid1 array.
  2. Thanks.
    So what is the best array to be used toghther with a SSD ?
  3. If you have a stand alone ssd that you are using for Windows and your software programs & applications, then you can use the two hard drives in any RAID configuration that suits your needs and requirements. You could also experiment and find out what works best for you. Being able to experiment is one of the fun things about doing it yourself.
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