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so reading all the comment the summery would be that sound card are not built for 2.1 speaker system . so basically it wont affect the sound much on 2.1 speaker system wheather some one use a good or bad speaker . and for new mother board the build in onboard audio system is enough for 2.1 speaker system .am i right ???????

cz i also want to buy a sound card for my amargeddon a5 speaker which are much better speaker and i have latest gcnl motherboard so i would like to take the music to the edge for 2.1

some one says in this blog that memory shortage could lack sound quality so could some ram could solve these problem.????

some help here ........
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  1. Ok so your post is very confusing. Correct me if I misunderstand:
    1. You are asking if the integrated sound on your motherboard would be enough for 2.1 speakers. Most likely yes but uhhh... Tell us what model your motherboard is?
    2. you want to know if you would notice a difference in sound quality between your motherboard integrated and a sound card. Answer: More than likely no. But uhhh... we need to know what motherboard you have.
    3. You heard that lack of memory could affect your sound quality. No. I don't see how that would do anything.

    Your system specs would be useful though. Especially your motherboard.
  2. my motherboard is Intel D945GCNL ,processor duel core 1.8 GHZ with 1 GB ram .which deliver good quality music but i m anxious to know would a sound card would make the music better than what i hear now ???
    i also like to know is there any sound-card with an option of separate speaker and headphone volume control ??? Cz now my on board system don't allow me to mute speaker and play on headphone or opposite
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