New build - MSI P55 GD65 motherboard problems

New to the forums, but people seem to know their stuff here. I just got an Intel Core i5-750 processor and an MSI P55-GD65 motherboard for my new system. First time i've ever built one. I already had a dvd drive, hard drive, and the evga 9800 gt 1GB. The problem is, when i turn it on, the cpu fan and gpu fan both kick on, but i get no video. The motherboards leds only has 5 of the 6 lights on, but i couldn't find what that meant anywhere. it's the led number 4 that is not lighting. I've tried one stick of the corsair 2gb xms3 1333mhz ram in each slot with no luck. the only notable issue might be that i have only a 4 pin power cable connected to the 8 pin cpu power slot, but i remember reading that it shouldn't be an issue. when i remove that cable, i only get one led. if you can give me any help at all, i would really appreciate it.
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  1. There could be several issues. The common ones are RAM (modules or slots not powering up), PSU not sending enough voltage, GPU power cable not plugged in.

    Start with the troubleshooting guide that is designed to help people with this problem. Follow the link in my signature.
  2. i read that first, that's where i saw that a 4 pin would work in place of the 8 pin. i checked each of those list but still no resolve. any other suggestions?
  3. i fixed it. i had to switch my psu from 220v to 110v. finally.
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