Amd athlon ii 270 overclock

so i have the athlon ii 270 on a biostar 880g+ micro atx board with 8 gbs of 1600 ram(2x4gb)
the ambient temperature in my room is about 15C because its winter. could i overclock this to
4Ghz with the stock cooler?
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  1. I've gotten my 3.4ghz Athlon II x2 270 up to 4.25ghz and it barely reached 45 degrees Celsius, (runs at 36-38 normally) I also have 8 gigs of ram and a biostar 880 mobo. I also have a case with three 120 fans so that is bound to help a little. I just took the FSB up to 250 from 200 and added minimal voltage where necessary.

    FSB at 236 = ~4.0ghz

    I normally run FSB at 230 which is 3.9. I haven't had a problem with at any of these speeds and I use the stock cooler.

    You will likely have to set your ram to 1333 because the increase in FSB will cause the RAM speed to go up. I have 8 gigs of 1333mhz ram and when I increase the FSB speed it locks up unless I set it to 1066, although it runs at ~1226 due to the FSB increase. You may or may not have this problem, I changed my Timings so I may be the exception to the rule.
  2. Hello, Apv507,

    I have the same processor and the same amount of DDR with the same speed 1333.. and eventually we have the same set up overlooked... so I have running now at 230 FSB what makes a final speed of to 3910 MHz, My RAM is also at 1226 (divided 613 of course).

    So, I got this processor to 245, but when I tried the 250 it gave a blue screen, so I lowered it down to 230 waiting for a better cooler... So, did you mange to run it stable at 250.. What were your settings? Could you please post here a screen shot of your CPU-z for the CPU and memory, so that I could see the voltage you used and the timings of the memory? It would be appreciated if you could also post the results for 245. I didn't leave it mine in 240 or 245, because I wanted the HT link to remain at or over 2000 and below 2100. This is only possible with the FSB up to 232.

    Right now at 3910 Mhz, my temps are 23ºC at idle and 54ºC with Prime 95. My voltage is at 1.068 min. and 1.440 max. HTLINK: 2069,9 Mhz.

    The timings are:
    DRAM Freq: 613,3 Mhz
    FSB:DRAM : 3.8
    And the rest it is like this.
    8,8,8;20; 27; 1T
    Hope you can give an answer,

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