New build is not posting

I am not getting a post on my new PC

The new board powers up all fans function, when hard drives are hooked up they spool up

I have currently breadboxed the system and have just cpu, ram, psu hooked up when I take out the ram I get the beeps for missing ram when I install it I get no beeps but also no picture on my moniter

RAM gskill 1 gb ddr2-1066
PSU rosewill rd400-2db
CPU AMD x240 2.8ghz dual core athelon II processor
MOBO Asus M4A78-E
HD 2 segate barracuda 1tb 7200 rpm drives
Lite-on Bluray drive

I have removed mobo from my tower and isolated on a anti static mat
reset CMOS
checked bios compatability
stripped down to just mobo, psu, cpu and I get teh no ram beeps from my system speaker add ram and restart and I get nothing
currently using the onboard video to eliminate a problem with the video card.

I am thinking the CPU is bad my asus manual has no beep code for no cpu and when I power it up without a cpu it does not beep

I built a system with the same mobo last week and it fired up without a problem any assistance is appriciated
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  1. I know you think not having a video card on there might help but have you actually tried putting a vid card on? How do you know for sure nothing comes up on the monitor? Maybe the onboard video is funky. Make sure you've just got the one stick of ram in there too, too many sticks off the bat can make it not start up also.
  2. have tried with two different outboard vid cards also, neither worked, just have one stick of ram in for troubleshooting purposes. the monitor is powered up and blank but it does reckognize that it is hooked up
  3. Take the psu from the PC you built last week that works, and swap it into this build.
  4. Have you gone through the troubleshooting checklist sticky at the top of the forum? The system acts like you haven't plugged in the 4/8-pin CPU power connector located near the CPU socket.
  5. gone through all checklists power is hooked up correctly just swapped cpus and still nothing
  6. the head said:
    gone through all checklists power is hooked up correctly just swapped cpus and still nothing

    either you meant PSU, per Twoboxer's comment, or you still need to try swapping PSU's :)
  7. Are you using the DVI or VGA port?
  8. just tried PSU swap with the working corsair 650 in my other build no dice

    aford have attemped both vga and dvi onboard and dvi on vid cards
  9. Have you tried the monitor on a different PC? Is the cable plugged in securely?
  10. yup monitor works fine on both inputs I have been using it all day

    whats the verdict you all bad mobo?
  11. I know it's a pain, but you could take that mobo and put it in your other (working) PC. That'll give you your answer.
  12. if the working cpu and psu don't work in an identical board is it necessary to gut one to hook it up to another
  13. If you want to be sure, yes.

    Or you could send it back, wait for a new one, and cross your fingers that it was the mobo.
  14. I had a similar problem back in april with my asus build with amd. I couldn't figure it out but decided to try one last thing. That was to take the cpu out and redo it all...I did not see a problem with what I did but when I took time to redo the cpu installation and got back ready to fire it up and posted just fine and hasn't skipped a beat since.
  15. swapped it into the other pc no dice still not coming up has to be the mobo at this point
  16. The HD audio isn't an issue. Many mobos don't even support it.
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