Framerate on games all randomly dropped by half

Hey everyone im in need of some big help, my framerates in all my games have dropped by 50%-60% just randomly a couple days ago. I really have no idea what has happened, i have uninstalled everything that i installed around that date, i have done multiple virus scans, i have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple drivers and i have never overclocked the card or tampered with it and it is always cool, (idle at 47 c, max out at 72 c.) i dont know what to do. is there anyway it went into some kind of power save or safe mode? any help would be apprecited thanks.
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  1. What are all the peripherals in your computer, as well as your PSU?
  2. sorry i should have at least told you my graphics card haha, i have a geforce 9800 gtx+. i have a 600w power supply, a intel quad 2.66ghz Q8400, 4 gb (2x2) g skill ram ddr2. GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard . 160gb satahard drive at 7200rpm. and im running game like crysis, empire total war, dawn of discovery, and company of heroes.
  3. Download and run GPU-Z, and see if it reports anything strange, like the PCI-E link set to x1.
    Check Task Manager, see what, if anything is eating away at the CPU cycles.
    If nothing untoward is found there, check your system RAM through the Control Panel>Performance and maintenance>System Will show how much RAM Windows thinks your rig has.
    Update your AV software then do another full system sweep in Safe Mode.
    If all is still OK download the latest sound, video and motherboard drivers then Uninstall them and then use Driver Cleaner or Driver Sweeper in Safe Mode to clean them out before reinstalling.
    One word of caution, the driver cleaner software is not perfect, check EVERY item it is going to delete and deselect anything that looks wrong. It is easy to rerun the software and delete something later but much harder to replace a missing system file it deleted my mistake!
  4. thanks for help turns out it was my program evga precision that was screwing everything up
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