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my laptop which is ancient old, has suddenly decided to have a corrupt file. i have already wiped the harddrive a few years ago so i know how to access the "boot from CD" option, but now it doesnt seem to want to give me that option! regardless of which F button i hold on start up.

the notice reads as: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or currupt: <windows root>\system32\hal.dll.

Its a Packard Bell Easynote. Pass on the model of easynote. The only thing close to the model is easynote pb11r00001
the serial no is 102638040134 just incase someone needs it.

anything else anyone needs to know, please ask

any help will be appreciated.
many thanks~
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  1. The HAL (Hardware Access Layer) is one of the first files loaded while booting. Having that file become corrupt is extremely unfortunate.

    The key to boot into BIOS doesn't have to be an F key - on many systems it's Del. I suggest you find the manual, and check which key you need.
  2. the bios is f2, I can access that, its the run from disk option that wont come up. when i wiped the hard drive a few years back, it was an F key i used. i havnt tried the del key yet so i'll do that later. any other keys it may be? also with the laptop being ancient old, the manual will most certainly not be around lol
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