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for some reason my internet has stopped working on my pc. i have narrowed the problem down to my motherboard. because the internet on my family computer works and any other ethernet cord dosnt work either.
my pc said it does not recognise any ethernet cords in the port.
so im guessing its my hardware.
i have tried re installing my motherboard drivers. but they are for vista only. i have windows 7.

any suggestions to what i can do to fix the problem will be very helpfull.

thank you, George
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  1. Many vista drivers will work for windows 7. Make sure you've downloaded the ethernet driver.
  2. ye, when i put the cd in, it sayd that the drivers dont support the system software.
  3. Go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and download them. They should have newer drivers than what came on your CD.
  4. but i cant connect to the internet.

    is there another way?

  5. You're on the internet typing on this forum. You can download them onto a CD or flash drive, and transfer them to the other computer.
  6. ye, im on the family computer at the moment. thank you , i will try that.

    thanx alot, George
  7. You're welcome. Let us know if you need more help.
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