Mah battle station

DFI lanparty m3h5
AMD Phenom x2 550 BE 3.1GHZ (oc to 3.7, no quad core for now) cooler: OCZ Gladiator MAX
XFX Radeon 4870 256-bit 1gb gddr5 (not yet, but soon will oc to 820/1005)
Crucial BallistiX Tracer ddr3 2x1GB kit (dual channel obviously)
Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming sound card
Seagate Barracuda 160GB HDD
OCZ ModXStremePro 600W
Antec 902 case
Keytronic CLASSIC-P1 PS/2
Logitech MX518 gaming grade optical mouse
Windows XP Pro SP3 Customized for optimal gaming performance

Made it last photos though...I might upload some later on, but they won't show thew PC in it's full glory since it's only a phone camera, and I don't have a real camera. :P
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  1. 58.196 days
  2. It will last you until you decide you want to play a DX11 game.
  3. dx11...not for winxp i think...and there aren't games that use dx11 anyway.
  4. Dirt 2 will be one of the first DX 11 games. They pushed its release back from Sept to December this year so Win7 and the DX11 GPUs will be out.

    The 5800 series GPUs from ATI start shipping next week. Not much more expensive than the current generation but twice as fast using less power.
  5. i don't think i wanna play dirt2...nfs shift might be something i'd play but still...not my type
  6. Nice rig, if anything, you won't have to upgrade for a while. The graphics you have is one of the best single gpu's out there. I'd have to say when graphics companies get their act together and make something that can play games properly, that's when you should upgrade. Although an upgrade here and there for the graphics wouldn't hurt, except maybe your pocket book.

    You seem to know how to build a rig. Was using only 1 gig modules in two slots an accident or a knowledgable research choice? Cause not many people would choose such a setup.
  7. I've been studying computers on my own time cuz I still go to school, and for this build all the parts I chose were based on my needs, and then on price to quality ratio, and compatibility. For each one I had to read dozens reviews and articles until I decided to choose what I did. 2x1GB in dual channel is always better than Single Channel, and it was in fact a knowledgable research choice.
    In other words: other ppl are noobs

    An excelent example: AMD Phenom II 550 BE. 100$ for a cpu that is capable of quad core (for when games start taking advantage of it more), and excellent overclockability with the help of an aftermarker cooler, and you got yourself an excellent cpu for a very long time.

    PS: this is my first build which I made for 3 hours perfectly. Excelet airflow and cable management, fired it up from the first try.
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