Raid 0 shows unallocated

I have an Asus p6x58d-e mobo, with an ssd on the marvel controller, and 4 WD caviar blacks on the intel controller, set in raid 0. Win 7 64bit doesn't list caviar raid drive, and in computer management, the raid is listed as 2048gb unallocated with another 1678.04gb unallocated. Not sure what went wrong. I followed asus raid setup, have newest bios.

Anyone familiar with this board and can lend a hand or suggestion? thx in advance.
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  1. it's unallocated because you need to format the drives with disk manager
  2. You'll also be limited to 2TB for the boot volume. Only GPT supports volumes larger than 2TB and that is currently only bootable under special circustances.
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