SATA II drives - connect to PCI-E x1 card or mobo?

I have two 2TB drives - mainly used for data/backup and am curious which would be the better way to connect them.

1. Connect both to a Rocket 620 PCI-E x1 adapter (allows up to SATAIII) -- note, not sure how lanes of PCI-E are divided but I have 2 GTX 570 cards in SLI as well as another RAID card on the final x1 PCI-E spot.


2. Connect both drives to my Marvell controllers on the mobo (Asus Sabertooth P67).

Please note, I'm using all the other SATA ports for SSDs - so these are my only two options.

I'm, of course, looking for speed but don't quite understand the difference between communicating with drives via a Marvell Chip on the mobo or the same Marvell chip on a PCI-E card.

Much thanks.
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  1. Doesn't affect the speed on the mechanical HHD. Either will be fine.
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    PCIe 1x max throughput is 250MB/s which is less than the theoretical SATA II but unless those are some incredibly fast HDDs (let me know where you found them) it won't make any difference.
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