Low disk space and low virtual memory

my computer tells me 12/7 that I have Low Disk Space, and it's either critical or just a minor importance (meaning sometimes the bubble is with a red x or a yellow exclamation) and other times it says Low Virtual Memory. help me please! it takes 10 minutes just for the different accounts to show, 20 for the desktop to show the icons, 10 minutes for Firefox to open, and 5-10 minutes for a page to load. please help to fix it.
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  1. 12/7? Did you try using it on the other 12? :lol: :sarcastic:

    You are running out of ram and hard disk space. Can you post your computer's specification here.
  2. I have the same problem, i need to get in on this if i may. i am new to this site and not sure how to post a question. I keep getting the low disk space bubble but the total space on my laptop is 37 GB and the free space is 23. so i am confuse why the space is low. also it has been running so slow i cannot even watch streaming videos ( think i said that right, not too familiar with computers.) i could really use some help
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