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I am new to this so please bear with me. I have a Dell sx-280 running Windows XP. I am trying to send audio and video to my flat panel hdmi I am going out of the dvi output and adapting to the hdmi through a dvi/hdmi adapter. The audio doesn't work but the video is fine. The only audio I get is on my computed and it is out of sink from the video. I think there may be a simple key/s command to do this. Please send any help to (subject line) "SOUND HELP"
Thanks in advance:o)
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  1. DVI out put didn't support Audio you must use HDMI to HDMI....if you really need Audio from HDMI you need to change the Video Card.... Some LCD have VGA and Audio Support ... you may want to use this setting
  2. DVI out "can" supply audio output to/through the HDMI adapter if your video card is also a sound device.

    If your video card supports sound out, that must be selected as the sound output device in
    Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio>Sound Playback (default device).
    Choose your video card audio description in the drop-down box.
    If it does not show, then your video card may not support HDMI sound.

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