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Ok, I'm having a serious issue here and hoping for some insight.
Right now my computer is completely disassembled.The issue is, my pc wont power on. Where I'm at, I have my mobo sitting on some cardboard,with nothing connected,except the cpu. I have all of the power connected to my hard drives and fans.When I connect the power to the motherboard, I get nothing.If disconnect the 24 pin connector and jump the green and black wires,everything that is connected powers on(hard drives,fans etc).

I have just bought a new psu,and I found a new mobo on ebay,which I am using.

The problem is the same even with the new or old mobo.

I jump the power switch pins on the mobo,nothing.

I was wondering, should i still be able to flow power through the mobo even with the cpu removed,to start the fans etc...(i'm just trying to pinpoint the problem)

It seems like the only thing I haven't replaced is the cpu.

would a bad cpu prevent any power from going through to the fans etc,leaving the mobo completely dead?

Why the heck cant I even get the fans to spin!!! ughh!!
any help would be fantastic! thanks eric

mobo -ecs 945p-a ver 1.1
cpu -intel pentium d 3.2
I've tried with 2 diffenert psu's and the problem still persists.450w,600w
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  1. Review this sticky for ideas...

    Quick question, do you have the 8-pin (or 4-pin) connected?
  2. tecmo34 said:
    Review this sticky for ideas...

    Quick question, do you have the 8-pin (or 4-pin) connected?

    I have the 4-pin p2 and the 20+4 pin connected

    thanks for referring me to that thread. I have checked everything on that list.
    What I really want to know is, could a bad cpu prevent the rest of the board from getting fans hds etc..I'm not even close to caring about getting it to boot into windows at this point, just getting it to power on..
  3. A defective CPU could, as well as a dead motherboard. Unless you did something to the CPU, I would expect the motherboard to die or be defect before a CPU... IMO
  4. have you tried with just the 20pin and the 4pin? (remove the extra 4pins off the 20 cable)
    the only way a cpu can stop the board powering is if the cpu is defective and done damage to the board as the board would still power if the cpu is a dud or static fried but wouldnt display anything as the bios will be beeping the cpu faliure code (just like morse code).

    everythings worth a try
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