Problem with IDE Optical and SATA HDD

For some reason my BIOS simply isn't picking up my CD-ROM. I have a gigabyte board (GA-EP43T-UD3L) running the F3 bios. I can boot from the HDD just fine, it's picked up on SATA port 0, but my optical drive, no dice. I've tried every jumper/cable setup I can think of, and even tried two different optical drives, and two different IDE cables, but the BIOS simply won't pick it up. My mobo is on the F3 version of the bios, if that helps. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Check what option is set in BIOS. The HDD controllers often have different settings for IDE / SATA. if you are using a setting that would change the controller to SATA only then your CD / DVD drive wouldnt be recognised.

    I understand that the choice of SATA seems to be the best one for performance, but in your case it prevents the OS seeing your optical drive. You could easily and cheaply rectify this is by purchasing a SATA optical drive :)
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