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I bought a new 9800 GT and have been having some issues with it. After getting my old drivers uninstalled, installing new card, then reinstalling drivers, everything seemed to work. But once I started playing a game on it and the card heated up, the fan had to kick on.

Once the fan kicked on it got noticeably louder and the monitor went black. The computer didn't restart or anything, the monitor just went black. Then when I tried to restart my computer, even after hours of letting it "cool down", the fan was still on high speed and the monitor stayed black.

I have no onboard video, so the only way I could get it fixed was by putting my old card in again, uninstalling the drivers, and reinstalling the new card all over again. But it does the same thing any time the fan has to come on.

It only happens after the card starts warming up and the fan needs to kick on to keep it cool. I don't think its really overheating, because it happens so quick after I start playing a game. It idles at about 40C, but I haven't had a chance to see what it gets at when the fan kicks on.

Any ideas what the problem might be? Also, is there something I could get to lock the fan speed at a low rate? I tried RivaTuner but I must have done something wrong, or set the speed too high still (40%).
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  1. Sounds like a hardware issue. Use RivaTuner to get the card running at full fan speed and then boot up a game. It might also be a driver issue. What game are you trying to run it with? Have you tried multiple games?
  2. Yes, I've tried multiple games. First when I was messing around on Armadillo Run, which is why I doubt it's over heating, then when I was playing CoD: World at War.

    I also tried hooking up a different monitor, so it's not that. Also, my old graphics card had a separate power hookup, where this card doesn't have one. Could it be a power problem? I have a 700W power supply, but it seems like the fan takes juice away from the monitor or something.
  3. How can I test to see if my power supply is going bad? I assumed my old card was going bad and that's why I bought a new one, but could it be the power supply going bad, in turn not giving enough power to my old card nor my new one when the fan kicks on?
  4. The XFX 9800GT does have a required separate 6-pin connector. Have you plugged that in? 700 watt should be more than enough for the card.
  5. I really didn't see anywhere to plug in the XFX 9800GT. I'll look around more, but I have to go to work right now! If anyone can think of other things to try I'd really appreciate it, so I can try a few things when I get home, starting with looking for the 6-pin connector.

    Here's a link to the card I ordered, if you look at the picture you can see there isn't a 6-pin connector.
  6. Yes, there's a required 6-pin. That newegg listing is awkward. The first image shown doesn't look like the 9800 GT. The last image is correct, though.
  7. Well the card I have definitely doesn't have a 6-pin power connector, so it must draw power from the motherboard. Any other ideas what the problem might be?
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    Did you buy the card from Newegg and from the given link? If you did, Newegg sent you the wrong card (possibly intentionally). They sent you the Green Edition of the 9800GT, which doesn't require the extra 6-pin. If they did, RMA the product and ask them to send you the correct card.
  9. Yeah, the link I sent is the one I ordered, so I guess I'll return it and make sure they send the right one this time. Thanks for all the help.
  10. It's the correct card - comes in a few different revisions. I had the XFX 9800 GT (Model No PV-T98G-YDLU) i purchased back in April 2009. This card had a spot for a 6-pin power input. The card recently crapped out on me and I had to RMA. It was replaced by a card of the EXACT same model number, but this one was "Version G.0". The replacement (received Nov 2009) does NOT have a 6-pin power input. Just an FYI, be weary of folks who simply guess, contact the manufacturer if you have real questions.
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