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OK, here is the situation. I have a Dell 8400 Dim. The computer has been great for 4.5 years. Anyways, I recently decided to start gammong again, so I decided to add memory andnew video caed to get rid of the x300. I got the proper memory and bought an Nvidia 9600 GT card. I installed the memory and had no issues. When I installed the card is when my issue started. The card says a min of 400w power supply, but everything I have read says the dells is under rated and will work, so I hooked it up and nothing.... Now my computer just turns on and the fan sounds like a jet engine and nothing else happening except that all 4 lights a,b,c,d come on in back. I went back and bought another 500w ps to see if it would help and same issue. The research I have done on here says that this is a common issue and that it is either the mobo or cpu, so I am going to replace both.

My questions is, what should I get so I can use all my current components, they are as follows:

Antec 500w ps
Nvidia 9600 gt 1 gig video card
2 sticks 512mb ddr2 unbuffered mem (stock) 400mhz
2 sticks 1gig ddr2 unbuffered mem (PNY) works with all mhz
soundblaster sound card
then my stock hd, dvd, and cd drives.

I know I will have to buy a new case as well, and I am wanting to get a quad core cpu so I can run 64 and 32.

Help a newbie please. Also not wantiing to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but I dont want cheap junk either.
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  1. Also, my video card is PCI-e
  2. honestly, you should test the video card in another working machine t make sure that isn't toast out of the box.
  3. Do you have a budget?

    A couple good options for a somewhat low budget, and a somewhat high budget. (I'm going AM2+ mobo so you can use your old DDR2 ram)

    Gigabyte Mobo Micro ATX $60

    Athlon II X2 240 2.8ghz $60



    Gigabyte ATX Mobo $75

    Phenom II X3 720 2.8ghz $120



    Asus ATX Mobo $110

    Phenom II X4 955 $165


    Now, if you have about $375+ to spend on mobo/cpu and ddr3 ram you can go intel i5 or i7, which would be overkill for your current stuff but would last you a long time.
  4. I have been thinking if I should go to the ddr3, but I am new to this and dont know what the difference is. I was looking at the amd 955 and the i5. As for cost, I may could spend the coin if needed and I deffinately do want it to last. I have to get a case as well. Do you think the 160gig hd will be enough.
  5. Well I decided last night to return my card, psu, and the ddr2 mem. So I will be complete rebuild. Gonna set my budget for no more than 1k.
  6. ^That is an excellent idea in my opinion. start another thread in the "new system build" section and prepare for a bombardment of suggestions.
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