SLI bridge from different manufacturer?

I recently misplaced my SLI bridge for my XFX 680i LT. I was wondering if I can use a bridge from a different manufacturer, such as ASUS, without running into any notable problems. Have anyone used a bridge from a different mobo/manufacturer? Thanks for any input.
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  1. I would imagine since the SLI bridge doesn't connect to the motherboard it would have to be universal.
  2. Yea, I was thinking that, but I also read somewhere from XFX that using different SLI bridges from different manufacturers (relative to the mobo) can cause technical issues. Just need some clarification from people who actually uses this type of setup.
  3. The length of the bridge is determined by the distance between the PCIe slots and as that is not a standard the XFX bridge might be longer or shorter than the one you are thinking of replacing it with.
  4. Actually, I found one that is flexible, but it's made by ASUS. I'm wondering if that one will work for my SLI setup on the XFX board. I do plan to test it once my other card comes but I have yet to order a new bridge.
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    So long as it's an SLi connector and not a CrossfireX connector you should be good to go.
  6. Alright, that's good to know. Thanks for the info!
  7. No problem. Have fun.
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