Windows 7 admin profile problem, need help

Hi folks, got a rather complex situation i need input on.

Four year old HP laptop, came with Windows vista installed, i upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate in january with the university discount, I do believe it was just an upgrade CD, 32bit. I've been pretty much the only user so made an admin user profile for myself and a guest profile just in case which isn't admin. A month or two ago i could no longer load my admin profile and am stuck with the guest one that has no admin powers - i can't install or change anything in the system. Tried everything, can't do recovery or create new admin profile or fix the original one. So the only option i see is reinstalling windows. So here's where i'm at: I can't find either of the vista or the windows 7 upgrade CD's or the keys that they came with. I'm planning on building a new gaming rig soon - waiting to take advantage of some black friday/cyber monday deals - and will thus be buying a new copy of Windows 7, 64-bit for this one. Now the questions:

- Most ppl get OEM virsion from newegg or w/e when they build; i read that non-OEM versions come with two discs, one for the 32-bit version and the other one for the 64-bit, but only one key, is this correct?
- When i right click on My Computer and go to properties I see a Product ID, is this the Windows 7 key that i can use for reinstalling or a completely different number altogether?
- if that is a legit key, would it be for the Windows 7 ultimate upgrade or Windows vista?

So as you can tell I was hoping that I would be able to just get one box of Windows 7 home premium, non-OEM version, instal 64-bit on new rig with the fresh key and use the 32-bit CD for the reinstall on the laptop using the old one that is hopefully still good.

Would appreciate any help/input, thanks.
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  1. First:Question yes that is correct. One product Key. Microsoft says a separate license for each machine. Second: The Product ID is generated by registration when the product KEY is entered. You will need the KEY to do an install. It is asked for before the actual install begins.
  2. Click on the following links (1.) Instructions on how to enable hidden admin account in Win 7. (2.) Product key finder


  3. I'll give that a go, thanks for the replies.
  4. You can log in to your admin account by bypassing the need for a password.

    I've had to do it on a few systems when the users forgot to tell me their passwords before leaving.
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