AMD 1055T overclocked - clock speed always max?


I read through a couple of overclocking guides for this bad boy.. and was successive with my first try.

OC'd from BIOS. Got up to 3500Mhz. Was stable after testing. But now, from CPU-Z it shows my processor is always running the highest possible clock speeds, even when it's not used much.

5% processor usage with 3500Mhz clocks is pretty overkill.. before OC it was throttled and based on its usage..

I have no specific power management settings aside from the Win7 "Balanced". Did I possibly mess something up in BIOS?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Seems like a rare issue or something.. as no advice yet :O
  2. Mine is like that too i overclocked my amd 1055t from 2.8 To 3.3 and coretemp always shows all 6 cores always running at 3300mhz. I turned off Cool and quiet, C1E and q-fan function so maybe that's why?
  3. hey man my AMD x4 965 does the same thing, it constantly looks like its throttling at 3.8gh. You didn't mess anything up I thought the same thing. Enjoy
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