What is max Sapphire 6950 dirt 3 edition overclock on stock voltage?

So that is a question. I'm using Trixx to overclock the graphic card. I'm getting about 44 celsius on idle and about 69 on load. What would be the best overclock without highering the voltage? Last time I pretty much put my numbers too high and after playing Skyrim for half hour, I put my computer to sleep. After my computer came from sleep, my screen just turned black and my monitor light started blinking. After hard restart my graphic card automatically set it's values to default (btw, I also got Windows Video Hardware error). Did I overclock it too high?

P.S: That is my Furmark on stock values.
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  1. I have the same card, and I just used AMD Overdrive in Catalyst Control Center to set my OC at 840MHz GPU / 1325MHZ Memory clock, and am running stable at around 41 celsius on idle, 56 celsius on load. The good thing about OCing with Overdrive is you can just use sliders to adjust your clock speeds.

    BTW, this is all on stock voltage, plus I've unlocked my shaders to 1536 Unified, and still no problems
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