Do oem drives come with Sata cables?

this one

or this one

not too sure which to get at the moment, leaning towards the WD, but the question is, do these come with sata cables?
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  1. OEM Drives don't come with SATA cables. You will need to utilize the cables that came with your motherboard.

    I would actually go with this drive myself:
  2. cant afford....
  3. im going to upgrade to a ssd in the distance future anyway. When i next upgrade ill just get ssd, they will be cheap then :)
  4. im at my budget limit now though, cant go much higher, however out of those two, which would you get?


    because i knowt he WD has i think 126 mBps speed and 3 year warranty, the seagate barricuda has 160mBs but i dunno the warranty on that :(
  5. I would go with the Western Digital drive.

    Seagate doesn't have a track record on their hard drives that I trust. They had too many firmware issues in recent past and left a "bad test in my mouth" to say. Western Digital has a outstanding track record... IMO
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