Abnormal Temp with Q8200

I have a Q8200 with abnormally high temp of up to about 70 degree on load and idle at about 50 to 60 degree. It's not even overclocked yet and I'm using Zalman CNPS9500 HSF (not stock cooler). I heard people getting about 30 on idle and 50 on load for Q8200.

Things I have tried:
- Lapping both the HSF and processor, well, didn't work out.
- Change the case from a crappy cheap one to LanCool K58W, didn't work out too.
- Double-checked and remounted the HSF 5 times. The HSF uses screws, not push-pin type.
- Tried applying different amount of thermal paste for each time I remount my HSF. The temps remains the same.
- Changed MOBO to test if there is problem with the sensor but there's no problem with the sensor.

No matter what I do, the temps remain the same, makes me wonder why. I used realtemp, speedfan, coretemp to check my temps and they all gives the same result and I'm using CoolerMaster Thermal Fusion 400 as my thermal paste. I use prime95 to stress test my system to full load for 30 mins to check the temp.

Some people said I may have a bad chip but is this really the reason why the temps is that high? Below are some pictures of how inside of my case like:

Anyone kind enough to help me solve this mystery of this abnormal high temp?-
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  1. faulty suff?
  2. have you tried re-seating the processor?

    i know its obvious, but you may have missed it. just remove it and re-insert it so you know its in properly.
    ive had a problem in the past with faulty heat sensors though. open up the case when you are reading those temps, and put a finger to your HSF. if its barely warm, then you have some faulty heat sensors.

    btw, nice case! i have the k62. it rocks.
  3. Yea I reseated the processor like 5 times or more (lost count of it) and make sure I screw and tighten the HSF in properly. When I tried to pull out the HSF for reseating, it feels like it got glued onto the processor and I have to use a bit of force to pull it out so I very sure the HSF is in contact with the processor.

    One thing I do notice, the HSF feels cold to touch and a teeny weeny bit warmer at times. I sure hope is faulty heat sensor but the same temps reading even after I change to another MOBO?

    Yup, I love the case but not the current temps.
  4. thats a little odd. i acnt think why it would be doing that. with those temps i would expect the HSF ot be pretty warm to the touch, but if you have changed MOBO it should have sorted itself.

    what TIM are you using? some have a cure time. so perhaps when re-applying it youve not given it chance to cure and getting higher temps. doesnt realy solve the problem though. shouldnt make too much difference...
  5. sorry, just noticed you did post the TIM. looks liek it doesnt have a cure time.

    so im stumped. sorry.
  6. No problem thanks for helping. I'm pretty much confused myself. I shall wait and see if anyone comes along with a solution or something.
  7. Try cleaning off the thermal paste when you re-seat, and make sure you aren't using too much!

    With my Q9550 @ 3.7ghz 1.25v and a Zalman 9700 so I'm not too far from ya, but should be generating more heat, and I get ~50c on 100% load. =/
  8. Well I'm applied thermal paste of about a BB-pellet size onto the processor.

    Well, lucky you to get 50C on 100% load. As for me, its 70C on 100% load and I should be generating less heat than you.

    I read about the give temps on RealTemp are not accurate at default and needed calibration to minimize the inaccuracy.

    I followed the calibration from RealTemp documentation given at this link: http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/docs.php

    After calibration, the temps reading give seems more right but the distance to TJmax becomes smaller which makes me wonder did I do the calibration correctly. Is the following calibrated settings in RealTemp right?

  9. Do you have a high ambient temp? It's a cold winter here, during the summer I probably get ~55-60 on load.
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