Platform upgrade. Your opinion on two chioces please.

Hello all!

So, I am finally looking to upgrade from my old LGA775 platform in the next day or two.
Unfortunately I am having a bit of trouble deciding between two motherboards and would like some opinions.
I am currently looking at either an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 or P7P55D-E Deluxe.
Both cost about the same and would be paired with comparable CPU's (i7 860 or i7 920).

What it really boils down to is the choice between USB 3 + SATA 3 or dual 16x PCIe slots, triple channel RAM and a possibly longer lived platform.
Please let me know which you would go with and why!
I am welcome to other recommendations but, for various reasons, they must be available on

Thanks all for your thoughts, they are greatly appreciated!
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    I would go with the 920 or 930 cpu, even if you had to choose a less expensive motherboard. Too bad you can't order from newegg; they have newer usb 3.0 boards available. I like asrock and msi boards for value. Asus has been hit or miss lately; I definately wouldn't pay a premium for them. I don't know whether asrock or msi have good warranty service available in europe, but check it out.
  2. Yeah, I miss newegg :(
    One of the few things I miss about the States...

    The only x58 boards I could locate on with USB 3 and SATA 3 where the GA-X58A-UD5 and GA-X58A-UD7.
    Unfortunately, even the cheaper of the two was a good 50€ more expensive than either of the ASUS boards and that PCIe layout is quite terrible.
    As such, I decided to go with the P6T Deluxe V2.
    I guess that, when USB 3 and/or SATA 3 become relevant, I can pick up a PCIe 4x controller card for the top slot...

    Thanks for your thoughts
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