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Hi I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s5257c. I am wanting to put a video card in it, but the machine only has a 220 watt power supply. The biggest supplies Ive been able to find so far is a 270 watt.

Does anyone know if bigger wattage supplies are made that will fit and if so where I can find them?

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  1. what do you mean? of course ther are more wattage PSUs

    go to Newegg, tigerdirect, or zipzoomfly

    and what vid card do you plan to use?
  2. If you have an available 5 1/2 bay, FSP makes an auxiliary booster psu for graphics cards $75:

    You might be able to replace the current 5 1/2 dvd with an external usb dvd to make room.
  3. What is the make, model, and size (physical) of the current PSU? Kind of basic information to have it you want someone find equal or smaller.

    Have you looked at micro ATX form factor PSUs?


    How about mini ATX form factor?

    The mini's at newegg only go to 300w but that is a little more than the 270w you listed. Further, if you can identify the form factor then you can broaden the search with google.
  4. Because its a slimline it seems to take stupidly shaped long skinny PSUs rather than the standard size, does it look like this seasonic?

    If so then you can upgrade to that seasonic you should be able to run a 4650, but you will need to make sure it is a slim card so that it will fit in your case.
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