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K I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and my dad has the computer with Vista 64 bit and the router is connected to his computer.....Can I still access the internet anyways?
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  1. you need to connect your comuter to the router as well - if it has an extra port, just plug in to this.

    If it does not (then you have a very bad router or your mistaking the router for a modem or something else) going on idea that it is a router with 1 port, you will need a network hub - this connectes to the router instead of your dads PC and then both urs and his connect to the hub. For the price of a network hub you could probably get a reasonable quality router for same price
  2. Make sure you use a switch and not a hub. Hubs will slow your network speed down. A switch is much better on a network. I am sure vibe meant a switch.
    Pretty much all SOHO (small office home office) routers come with a 4 or 5 port switch built into them.
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