New Fan for Overclocking?

Hey everyone, so I'm going to upgrade my CPU cooler so I can get some overclocking done on my AMD Phenom II 1055t. I have a budget of $50 for the fan, cause I'm getting ram as well, but I got that figured out already. And I am ordering today.

Now, I saw two that caught my eye.

Only $26 and the reviews are great on it and read some reviews myself on it and it seems great.

$46 so a bit more expensive, but is it really better? They seem identical in results (with the v6 being loud as hell I hear) and it looking I guess cooler.

So what here would be the best option for price/performance? You guys can suggest a fan too. :)

Also, will I need any new thermal paste or something to take of my old stock fan?

Lastly, at what overclock point do you start to see fps results in games?

Thanks all.
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  1. This belongs in the Overclocking Forum, sub-fora CPU and Heatsinks and Air Cooling.

    That said, the 212 is good. It's not particularly quiet on high, if that's your thing, but it cools like a champ. I can't see the other one being $20 better.

    Tom's uses Zalman ZM-STG1 Super Thermal Grease when they test coolers. It has worked for me. Everybody has their pet goop. Clean the old stuff off the chip with a dry rag real good.

    Some games are more CPU-hungry than others. Even so, I wouldn't expect a big performance jump from a CPU overclock, unless you're seriously bottlenecked to begin with. Overclocking is a lifestyle---be sure you know what you're getting into before you start.
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  3. Guys if I have to decide between the 212 hyper+ from coolermaster and the v6 gt, which one should I get?

    I know the v6 is better but if I'm hoping to achieve a 3.6-3.8 overclock, and I know the v6 will perform better, but will it be that much of a life-changing difference if I use the 212+ with that large of an overclock, I just need it to perform decent not extraordinary temperatures.
  4. Save your money and get the 212. It is a proven performer that has been arround a long time.
    You can also put another fan on it in push/pull configuration for a few more degrees drop in temperature without it being loud and anoying.
  5. The 212 is a great choice for not a lot of money.

    If you wanted to get something different, however, I'd recommend the Corsair A70 ($38) or EVGA's cooler ($45).
  6. Why don't you just buy the new improved 212+ version the Evo= better temps and quieter fan.
    All CM coolers come supplied with a tube of high quality thermal paste = enough for @4 installs.
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