Sata 2 or Sata 3 cable?

hey you know this one

yeah the samsung spinpoint f3, that doesnt come with a sata cable does it? well which type of cable do i need. Sata ii (2) or sata iii (3) cable?
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  1. Doesn't matter.
  2. why? i mean atleast elaborate! which one should i get? which does it accept, which is faster?
  3. Cables are compatible. Some rumor about sata 2 cable does not meet the 3 standard and will have speed issue, is just rumor. Anyway, your HDD will not saturate sata 2 speed so it hardly matters.
  4. so im ok with sata 2 cable then? ok ill buy the sata 2 cable :)
  5. how is this?

    why is it at a 90degree angle? anyways gonna buy that one :)
  6. Ok, so they charge you more for sata 3 cable?! LOL, the gimmick business use to make a few more quid. The angled is to help with bending and better fit for some cases.
  7. only 5 pence more. Thats sata 3, it will work on my hard drive wont it?
  8. which out of those would you get, are you sure sata 3 works on my hard drive? I might get the sata 2 just in case :)
  9. Yes, sata 3 cable will also work for sata 2 drives. But sata 2 cable is cheaper so get it.
  10. only 5 pence lol, but meh yeah i guess
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