My Sapphire HD4870 1gb Vapor-X makes a lot of noise

Hi, I have recently buy a Sapphire HD 4870 1gb Vapor-X card, but when i gaming for about 20 minutes tha fan go all the way up, and started to make a lot of noise, i was analyzing the problem and my conclusion was that because in my case at the level of the card i have a 120 mm fan that intakes air to the case, but looking in the page of sapphire a found a picture that show that this card throw the air from where i have this fan, my question is.. do this fan its affecting my card? because the noise really is too strong, and for what i know this card is too silent, did you recommend to change this fan to an out take aire? or this card with the fan at 100% normally makes a lot of noise? hope you can help me, thanks!

The picture from sapphire:

My case is a Cooler Master Centurion 534 plus
I have in the front one in-take 120 mm fan
One out-take 120 mm fan in the back
And the one that i told you in one side of the case

I have a ADM Phenom II x4 955 cpu whit the "out of the box" cooler

Hope that information help, thanks again!
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  1. The fan at 100% will make a lot of noise, my XFX 4850 gets really loud when it hits 85%, you have a couple options, either boost the airflow through your case so you have more air moving or air moving better. Normally the front and side fans are intakes with the top, rear, and power supply fans being exhaust.
  2. yeah just got mine today, makes a lot of noise, I have a pair of g35s from logitech though so I can't hear anything anyways
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    I have the same card. It has what's called a spin-up bug, keeping the fan at 0% until it hits like 85C, then going to 100% for a while to get it back down to around 70C, then repeats the process. The fan is supposed to have a more efficient PWM feature to control noise / cooling performance, but it sucks at it.

    I use Rivatuner to have the fan set at 60% at all times, whether gaming or not. This keeps my GPU at around 45C idle and 65C load, and it's rather quiet at that level.

    Keep that fan blowing air onto it, it will help keep it even cooler. You may be able to keep the fan at like 30 or 40% at idle, and have Rivatuner speed it up to 60% during gaming, and it should keep it plenty cool enough.

    Good luck!
  4. Stupid internet, making me triple post! I officially hate Comcast.
  5. Stupid internet, making me triple post! I officially hate Comcast.
  6. Mine's on 100% 24/7.
  7. Ok thank you for you adivse, i think a will use the rivatuner like say jedi master ben, thanks again!!
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