Can i recover data after formating my external drive???

my cats knocked my external 2 tb drive off my desk, after that my laptop is saying that it needs to be initiated for it to work on windows, when i went to storage>disk management, as far aqs it can tell there is nothing on the drive, i have a program to recover deleted files, will that work? thanks
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardwaare!

    With a mishap like that I'd change the USB cable to make sure it's not a connector or cable problem.
    Then when connected, boot up your laptop and see if it is recognized by the BIOS.
    Might report what it does say in Disk Management in the lower graphical area, what the Disk Status and Volume Status areas report. Also if the colored band above the Volume Status is black, or dark blue -

    Depending on what's found, that's the time to decide on a repair applet and plan.
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