Doany heatsinks exist that don't require a backplate on the motherboar

Do these exist ?

or do all CPU coolers have a MOBO backplate ?
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  1. Yes plenty of them exist. The ones that come with the CPU does not require back plane support.

    If you want a better than stock cooler, the closed loop corsair hydro series coolers do not require a back plate either.
  2. Is there a reason you don't like the backplate? The back plate is actually a good thing because it adds support to the motherboard for these enormouse heatsinks , if you want a heatsink that does not require a backplate then you want to look for the smaller size heasinks. the backplate also provides the screw holes for attaching the heatsink in most cases.
  3. because it saves time removing the MOBO from the entire case

    and the hydro series does come with a backplate in the box

    are you suggesting I don't need to use it ?
  4. "Almost any case with a rear 120mm fan mount location can house the Hydro Series H60 CPU cooler. As for compatibility, AMD sockets AM2 and AM3 are covered, and without having to install a custom backplate, making the H60 a great choice for any modern AMD CPU"

    That is a quote directly from Corsair's website. You did not specify the type of CPU you were attempting to cool, and this was simply an example. If you would like me to find an Intel cooler, just link your board and case.
  5. The newer cases are comong with a bigger cut out so the you don't have to remove the MB in order to attach the backplate.
  6. my case has no name.

    It's from 2003, I like it so I still use it and it has sentimental value.

    I will be upgrading to amd 640 processor.
  7. also, are the corsair and antec all in one liquid coolers the same ??

    they look very similar ?
  8. You'll need to find out the size of your case if you want to fit all-in-1 liquid coolers. Though they do not require a back plate, the large heatsinks (which usually replaces the back fan of your case) might mean they won't fit inside your case.

    I for one experienced this mistake :/
  9. wait no

    firstly. i can only fit 90mm fans

    but I own a 90mm to 120 mm fan adapter - problem solved !

    and my case is wide enough for 120mm fans, but doesn't have the holes to fit one
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