Switching Motherboard Model #s

I have to replace the Motherboard in an eMachine T5234 (MCP61PM-AM). There are 2 versions available. One version accepts 2Gb RAM and the other accepts 4Gb RAM. My current board accepts 2Gb.

Can I go the the 4Gb board? I hear that the OS (Vista) may not work on the different board but I planned to wipe the drive and go to W7 anyway.

Just trying to learn and appreciate your help.
Thank you, Sheila
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    Sure. With Win7-64, 4 GB of RAM will really help.
  2. jsc said:
    Sure. With Win7-64, 4 GB of RAM will really help.

    jsc, thank you. It was my understanding that the OEM Vista on my existing HD might not work if I changed to the different style Motherboard. But, I am planning to install W7. I have lined up the new Motherboard and 2 extra Gs of RAM (I already have 2 Gs) and based on your advice, I am going with Win7-64.

    I need to replace/upgrade the Power Supply while I'm at it. What do you recommend - would 500 or 600 Watts be enough?
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