Want help making my ram run at stock speeds

Hey y'all,
I want some help making my ram run at the factory speed of 2000MHz. Its currently at 1600MHz , which as much as the mobo allows without O.C.'ing. I don't know jack about it. This my first build, its about 10 months old know. I just want a simple way to adjust timings I guess? Here are the specs and a screen shot of Everest and CPU-ID running.

Phenom X6 1100t
H60 CPU Cooler
Asus Crosshair IV Eztreme
(X2) GSKILL Trident 2000MHz 4GB Stick
(X2) XFX 6970 2GB
Western Digital 600GB 10000RPM Sata3
Antec 1200w PSU
Antec Air-Boy case

Thanks for any help. Let me know what other info you might need.
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    see page 16 of booklet for memory then go to chapter 3.3.2 for memory setting ,but dont forget that tha intel xpm do not work on amd motherboard
  2. What book? On this site? Link please.

    Yeah, I remeber the ram saying something about the ram and first build.
  3. use your motherboard manual that's the book
  4. ok I set the option to allow the 2000MHz, but now when I use the AI Suite's "easy" over clocker gadget the multipliers only go to 13 and not 17.5 like before. Is this because more power is being routed to the ram and taking away from cpu?
  5. in fact the cpu was running at 3.26, when it should've been 3.30, I turned the settings back to Auto and everything is back to normal.
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