OCZ Vertex 2 Y/N?

I purchased an OCZ Vertex 2 120gb SSD today for a great price, only later to see some very mixed reviews on Newegg. Approximately 100 people giving it 5/5, and another 100 or so giving it 1/5. However, Tom's seemed to recommend it in their SSD best-for-buck (May 2011) at $299, and Guru3D gave it a good review, as well.

Are the Newegg reviewers whose drives failed owners of a model relased months ago that has since been changed, or should I return this drive while I have the 14-day window?

Thanks for your assistance.
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  1. As a user of the Vertex 2 240 GB drive, I would recommend the drive.

    I won't put too much weight in the Newegg reviews, as most of the issues are either user based, fixed firmware issues or the fame switch from 34 nm to 25 nm without telling anyone. This caused an a lot of people to complain about the lost in capacity.
  2. Thanks for your help.

    Now, I also noticed that the Vertex 2 is a Sata II, whereas other SSDs are Sata III. Would I notice a big difference between either? Is the Vertex 2 still going to be significantly faster than a 5400-7200rpm disc drive?
  3. Unless you are running a SATA III capable motherboard, there is no reason to get a SATA III SSD. A SSD will be a very nice improvement over any mechanical drive (SATA II or SATA III drive).
  4. Am I right in associating Sata II with Sata 3Gb/s ports, and Sata III with Sata 6Gb/s ports?
  5. Yes...
  6. Make sure the Vertex 2 has the latest Firmware on it. Otherwise you will likely have the issues that people have been complaining about. I own one and had to update it. It is has been working well ever since.
  7. Thanks Tecmo, and Wamphryi for mentioning a firmware update.

    I did get a motherboard with Sata 6Gb/s - Asus P8Z68-v Pro.
    Would I be foolish not to invest a few extra bucks for a Sata III SSD?
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    If you have the option to return for a SSD SATA III, it would be a good option to get the Vertex 3 MI or Patriot Wildfire for a little more money. It will allow you fully utilize your motherboard's controller but not a must. The Vertex 2 is a huge improvement over a mechanical drive it is not necessary to make the leap to a SATA III device.
  9. ^_ +1
  10. neg 5
    The vertex 2 was a great Sata II SSD, I have the patriot Pro, very similar as both used the SF-1200 Conrroller.
    Before you Buy visit the OCZ forum, look at Frmware 1.09 which was suppost to be a fix for 1.08. Suppositly only about 1% have problems. My take - Plug & Pray, because if you are in the "1%" you are currently stuck. I'm Not Irish so I'm in the 1%

    Yes the Vertex III has very good stats for compressable Sequential data - This is the LEST important feature. In day-to-day use there is not a great deference (bragging rights Yes) between the marvel controller vs the SF22xx controller. - Can not say about the wildfire as it has not ben out long enough. Look to test that refect the real world, NOT Seqencial performance.

    Yes, you must take Newegg reviews with a grain of salt and a fair number are user causedBut whan you see 20+ % dissatisfied for one SSD and only 10% for another - They are the same group of people which means the same % of user caused will apply, so thake heed!!

    Have 7 SSDs - Only one was a dud - You quessed it, the OCZ III, Somehow I do not think it was me!

    Reference to real world, about the closest is PC vantage. Here is a comparisison, and yes OCZ is at the top, but in several of the catagory is is only around 10 % - !0% in not even noticable for most.
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  12. Thanks for all the help, all of ya. I updated the firmware, so I'm feeling better about the drive. Between that and your reviews, and I got it at a great price so I think I'll stick with it
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