PCI Express Graphics card not recognised by MB

Hi , I have a ABit SG-95 motherboard, Pentium dual core prossesor, 2GB ram DDR2. I recently bought a PCIe graphics card a Nvidia GeForce 8600GT. I installed it on th MB and switched on the PC and it was not seen by the computer at all. I have checked in the bios and every thing seems to be ok ie PCIe is selected ect. I have the new drivers for the board for Vista but untill the Device manager see's the card I am stuck. Having tried to install the drivers I get a message that there is no compatible hardware for the software. I have tried safe mode installation, just the same. It is the motherboard that just doesn't seem to regognise anything is in the PCIe slot. If anyone can advise or help I will be very grateful.
Many thanks
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  1. flashing your bios for your motherboard could help
  2. Hi thanks for your advice. Is there a way of doing that in Vista. I could manage that in windows 98 but don't know how I can do it in Vista. Is it staight forward. I appreciate any advice given.
    Many thanks
  3. Stop. Flashing the BIOS is the absolute LAST thing that should ever be done, and in this case has nothing to do with you're issue.

    Which drivers are you using: The one from the CD, the ones from the manufacturer, or the ones from NVIDIA?
  4. Hi thanks for your response. I downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia. The problem is that the device manager cannot see the card. The fan on the card works but it is just not visible to the PC.
  5. Of course the device manager can't see it; thats what the drivers are for.

    Make sure the card is seated properly and has any power connectors connected as necessary.
  6. Hi again, the card is slotted in correctly and as far as I know there are no power connections on the card.
  7. hi i am having same problem with a similar card . the drivers cannot be installed as the pci slot will not regognise there is something there. i have tried almost everything. downloaded every driver .when i go to device manager ther is no card to install drivers for even though the card is plugged in and security has been turned off in bios. what else can i do?
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