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I was wondering why Tom's Hardware does not use Prime95, Folding@Home, or some other distributed program as a benchmark. I think that many people use these programs, and having a baseline benchmark would help them determine if a certain CPU/GPU is actually faster than the one they are using.

What is the consensus on this, or has this question already been asked? If so, please post the link.
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  1. I'm not sure if this has been posted about, nor if this response is correct/worthy.

    Buuuut, I figure they assume the benchmarks they have are enough to show the difference between the hardware benched.

    They show synthetic / gaming / 3dmark / real-world, what else could you need? =P Prime 95 I believe shows a little more performance for intel compared to some other benchmarks, making it a little biased if used as a global benchmark.
  2. And in folding@home, Nvidia hardware kills AMD, doesn't mean they're more powerful.
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