Need help with microATX build

I need to build two machines for work. I need the machines to be small form factor because of the location they will be used. I believe the LAN box type size machines will work best so that puts me in the microATX catagory.
I need to run 3 display monitors from the machine. I would like three different outputs but if it gets too expensive I suppose that I can just use a powered splitter device? Any suggestions there?
I found this combo on NewEgg and I think that I like it.

The Mobo has a pretty decent onboard video I guess... Can I run 3 displays off of it? Can I use the onboard video as well as a video card if I add a video card or is it one or the other situation?

And use this for a case:

The case comes with a power supply but it is likely not a good quality ps correct? The mobo website states that I need to run at least a 500w for "full functionality to ensure that the system doesnt crash or fail to boot". What are your thoughts? Is that if I run multiple Hard Drives and load up the machine with other peripherials? That is not what I am going to do.

I will be running XP Pro. 32bit OS.
Thank you for the help.
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  1. What's your budget like for the builds? Do you get any bonus points for making this cheap as possible, or will it be better to spend a bit more for better quality?

    Also, what kind of tasks are going to be used along with the 3 displays? That will factor in to how much power you need to drive the displays.

    Here's what I use at work to drive a 3rd monitor off my laptop.
    Works pretty well as long as you don't go overboard with the size and resolution of the monitor. Performs fine for spread sheets and internet browsing, but not cut out for really complex graphics editing.

    For case and PSU, don't go with Apevia, their case is tolerable, but not one I'd willingly work with. Right now, I think Silverstone makes the best micro ATX cases

    the PSU is not included, but get a quality unit like a Corsair 500Watt.
  2. Best quality for the best price. HA. I know that is difficult to figure out what I mean. I am trying to keep a large project (building a business) on budget so I want a solid computer at the least amount that I must spend.
    That is a nice Case but it is more money and larger. I do not have the specs yet from the builder for the space in the cabinet that the unit will be placed so I dont know what size I will be constricted to.
    Any thoughts on the Mobo video output running at the same time as a video card? Can I use this to control 3 displays? Or can I only run two displays and use a splitter?
    I like the evga display adapter using the USB to run another monitor. Great solution for a decent price.
    Any other suggestions?
  3. I'm pretty sure placing a graphics card into your system will deactivate the onboard graphics in most cases, perhaps in some nforce boards that are built a bit differently this isn't the case, but I think I'm right. Using the graphics card to power 2 displays, and then using a splitter is probably the best. The 58XX series of Radeon cards ATI will have out in about a week would have no problem powering 6 displays with full graphics using their eyefinity technology, but probably out of your budget on release day. There are already rumors that ATI is making a 57XX series of cards due for release next month that will also be very capable, and come at a better price.
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