Overclock (i5-2500k) before/after installing OS?

Title says it all really!

Using an Asus P8P67-PRO with 8GB of Kingston 1600 MHz RAM and an HD 6950.

I know you need to run benchmarks and all that to verify the overclock, but what about Windows?

I have Ultimate x64 in mind..

Thanks all!
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  1. after installation of windows.
  2. What if your overclock is unstable and starts crashing or causing corruption while you are trying to install Windows, or drivers and other software? I mean, the whole overclock result is dependent on your PC running your OS and software stable without problems. Think about it, does it really make sense to start trying to overclock before you even install the OS, or the software that the overclock is supposed to help?
  3. That's the kind of answer I was looking for, squelching any doubts I might have ;)

    @ jitpublisher - On a sidenote, you are powering 2x SC 560s on a 750W.. so that makes a 700W overkill for a single HD6950 setup right? Could probably get away with 600W?
  4. Certainly, if it is a quality power supply that runs at 80% efficiency or better.
  5. Yeah 650W Bronze from XFX, thanks all!
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