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Hey guys I am ordering this setup at the end of the week, so I need your guys advice on anything I need to change, etc.


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  1. When you use a cart/wishlist link, it loads my cart/wishlist, not the one you have. If you want to do it like that, save it as a public wishlist, then add that link. If you could also use the link in my sig to edit your first post, it will give us vital info to help you get the most pc for your money.
  2. Well it says it is public :/ (I have done the whole make a thread with build advice and this is what ive come up with, I just need to know if it is a good setup)

    And this is from my other thread... Normal computer use (Browsing & listening to music alot), Watching movies (Will get Blu-Ray player soon), some photoshop, then gaming (but may game more when I get it)

    But I think I may play games a little more than what I intended to :)

    Try this link.

  3. That link worked.

    Looks well balanced. You did a good job. Just a few options to save some money, look for combos. Something like this, first I found, there might be better ways to save money. Better Mobo too for a touch cheaper.

    The ram I'd look for a CAS 7 set like this. Once you hit 1333 speeds, the CAS becomes more important for OCing and since its the same price, its worth it. Also, this uses less power = less heat.

    Just make sure you have an OS and you're set.

    Good job.
  4. Thank you. But I do have a question oc oc ram. Can I use AMD OD to overclock it? Never really looked at oc ram? What does it do, etc.

  5. I'm not familar with AMD OverDrive. Someone else can better answer that.

    But as to results from OC ram, tighter timings (lower CAS) lead to better performance than speed. Take some time to read this:

    This is the memory section, might be some other good articles to pick over if that doesn't answer your questions or answers some and creates more.
  6. obsidian86 said:

    You have got to be ******* me! I just bought the case 2 days ago from newegg! :fou:
  7. Nice find Obsidian.
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