How to remove write protection from a microsdhc card ?

I have a Micro SDHC, 8 GB Memory Card. Im not able to copy files into it, as it says its write-protected.
I use it directly with the card reader, as the Micro SD adapters can hold only upto 4 GB.
I've tried Formatting the memory card in my phone and on the computer. While formatting it in my phone, it appears normally, but while formatting it on the PC, it still says its write-protected.
However, it works on my phone.
I have a Samsung Corby.
Please look into the phone details, see if you can help me get the memory card working.
Please Help... Thanks you. :)
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  1. There should be a little switch on the card you can slide to fix this!

    Welcome to the Forum ! :hello:
  2. I have the pny micro sd adapter card. I'm confused which is lock and unlock. At the top, the card says lock with a triangle which is bigger at top and smaller at bottom. I'm confused if that's an arror pointing down to lock it or if it is locked at top position with the opposite end of the triangle.

    Thank you.
  3. Try both positions
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