Why i7 870 is so expansive compared to i7 860?

I recently saw the price of new i7 at newegg.com.
i7 860 (2.8GHz)-$289.99 (Ringgit Malaysia 1004)
i7 870 (2.93GHz)-549.99 (Ringgit Malaysia 2289)
They have no differences between each other except for the clockspeed. Why the differences are so big?
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  1. best way to put it, Intel likes major price jumps.

    It like asking why is there a $700 difference 920 and 975 when there only 600 MHz and a 1.6 GT/s QPI difference. Intel just likes the price difference.
  2. Because Intel price them that way. The same can be said for the i7 920 and the i7 950.
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