Best P67 or Z68 MB from Microcenter?

I am going to microcenter tomorrow to get the 2500k for $180 and if I get a p67 or z68 MB, I will get $50 off. Can anyone recommend a good MB from the link below that is $140 or lower before the discount? I don't know if that is all the MBs they have though, I been checking the ad and the site and some of them aren't showing up on the site.

I plan to SLI in the future

I was looking at getting


So it would be $180 + 70 = $250 and tax for the 2500k and MB
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    This one is $149 after the discount and is a top notch board.
  2. I don't want to pay more than $140 before discount.
  3. I'm also planning on doing this tomorrow. My budget is a little bit more, but not much. Also wanting to SLI in the future. Thanks for any help!!!!
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