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been using IDE so long for my drives, even my 890fx board has IDE. but now finally being forced off it. was wondering if there is any difference whatsoever in using the 6gb sata ports compared to the 3gb sata ports for blu-ray dvd drives etc ?
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  1. No advantage. Read writes speeds for blu-ray drives are so low compared to even the throughput of sata II that there will be NO increase in performance. Have five blu-ray drives, Three in laptop only read blu-ray and write DVDs, the two in my desktops are both blu-ray writers. Even the so called sata 6 HDD benifit VERY little from sata III, only burst speed is higher, and HDDs are much faster than dvd/blu-ray medium.
  2. thanks. yeah the write speeds are abysmal on these drives in comparison, i think like 13mb/sec , figured there might be a chance for some advantage/disadvantage though, thankyou.
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