PLZ Help OC Asus Sabertooth p67 I5 2500k

can some one please help me out. i tried following several videoes on youtube ,on how to overclockin the cpu and i do everything right , once windows boots up and i go to the information tab . it still keeps telling me i have a stock speed at 3.3 which it comes like that .. can some one please explain how to overclock using the sabertooth p67 mother please
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  1. download cpu-z. or just use your asus suite software. this will give you the accurate clock speed.
  2. You could always RTFM where it explains how to go into the BIOS and change the CPU multiplier...
  3. That's exactly what it should do if you have done the job correctly. It won't jump to OC speeds until you put a load on OCCT .... it has the advantage of loading up ya CPU, monitoring all relevant voltages and temps and graphing the reults all ina single program.
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