DDR3 Memory for a Kickass Gaming Rig

Hello good people!

I'm about to build a monster PC as an act of revenge for my years on a Mac platform.
Well, actually Macs are great but I finally want to play some serious games. Anyways.

I'm considering 6GB of either 1600 or 1866 or 2000MHz DDR3 sticks. Target CPU
is Core i7 920 (maybe 930) which I'm going to o.c. at about 3.4GHz (to start with).

Now, the big question of the day is whether 2000MHz is the best choice or not?
Speaking of brands and models - I'm looking towards the Corsair Dominator GT.

Your input will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. corsair is your best bet and as far as asking if 2000mhz is the best choice settle on a motherboard first and see if all the items you want are compatible. but a little help in the right direction i7 corsair dominator are good choices
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