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I have been running OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX120G for about 6 months now without a problem. Recently tho when i try to wake up my PC my display says it has no signal and after i restart things seem to work fine. but today it will not boot. its as if my solid state drive is not being recognized. It might be helpful to note that in my bios nothing else is being recognized under sata connections except my dvd drive. Also i can visually see that the ssd is getting power cus the green light on it is lighting up.

Also, if this is not the correct placement for this thread in order to receive the most help please let me know so i can move it where it belongs.

thank you
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  1. You haven't mentioned any type of troubleshooting steps you have taken up to this point and also no information about the computer (desktop vs notebook) so if I list anything that seems like a no-brainer to you, remember that others may benefit from the thread as well.

    Some obvious:

    Put an old hdd in your system and test (if available)
    Test the hardware components in another computer (if available)

    Reset the cmos - u can use the typical method of switching the position of the cmos jumper. Refer to the manufacturer of your computer, or the manufacturer of your motherboard. Whichever is appropriate in your case. I have found at times this is not enough, and that removing the battery from the motherboard for 30 seconds to a minute is the most complete method for clearing cmos.
  2. I reset the cmos. Unfortunately no change as far as loading my ssd. As far as testing the other ideas, I do not have spare equipment to work with. Any other suggestions?
  3. check all cables and connections

    start the return process with ocz support
  4. yes i have. I'm just worried that the problem is not the SSD.
  5. Right. It circles back to testing with other hardware though to have a more definitive conclusion. Maybe there's a friend or neighbor, or a local computer shop that can help you out in that department?
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