Asus P6X58D Bad Batch or just high failure rate?

hi guys im opening up this thread to see how many people have had the same problem i have with this mother board. i recently purchased the P6X58D and after countless hours of trying "this and that" it refused to boot up. ive checked online and many people have the same problem is this motherboard flawed?? why does it have such a high fail rate i kinda wish i bought this from microcenter instead of newegg so i can just switch it when it doesnt work instead of waiting 10 days for a replacement.
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  1. I bought the same product from NewEgg and yes its DOA. What a bummer.
  2. I've had the same problem....but only after I switched out my cooler. When I had it tested, I was told that the processor is not making full contact with the contacts on the board. They said it must be flexing just a little bit to the point of where it is not touching.
  3. Pasting what I posted on another thread..

    I had a similar problem with that motherboard recently. About 3 days into using my newly assembled computer, I started experiencing problems booting the computer. Sometimes it would boot fine, other times, nothing would happen. I initially ignored the problem (thought it was my ram that was problematic because after taking out what I thought was a faulty piece, it worked fine again) but at day 5, when I tried to boot the system, it didn't turn on at all. Took out all the ram but the motherboard didn't make any beeping noises as it did before. Blackout. I haven't figured out what exactly caused it.

    I've been talking to some people regarding their theories on what caused the motherboard to fail and they've given me a few potential reasons:

    1.) The 3d cards could have been the problem, maybe the motherboard couldn't handle the high temp of the cards or the wattage (I have two sapphire radeon 5970's crossfired.)

    2.) Problem with the PSU. (I have a cougar 1000watt)

    3.) Faulty installation of the parts. (I think not.)

    Going through all of these though, I don't think that these are the cause of the failing motherboard. I talked to a guy who used to work for ASUS here and he mentioned that ASUS does receive a large number of motherboards that need replacing. The return rate according to him is a lot higher than other brands.

    I'm leaning towards that being the reason for my woes. Was actually searching the net if other people were experiencing the same problem I had. Then I found this post.

    Misery loves company. Haha. I had my board replaced. Took me a month to get the new one. Short to no supply from where I come from.

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