AMD Athlon (AM3) in Shuttle Enclosure (AM2)

I just purchased an SA76G2 with an AMD Athlon II X2 250 dual-core proc running at 3.0GHz. Unfortunately however, the system just won’t boot. I used the heat sink that came with the Shuttle (and not the one that came with the proc, since it didn’t look like it would fit). My fear is that this only supports AM2 but the X2 250 is an AM3 chip. However, according to Shuttle, the SA76G2 supports AM2/AM2 /AM3. Any tricks? Why isn’t it booting? Thanks!
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  1. Ok, figured it out. It was an issue not with the CPU but with the memory. I was using DDR2 Patriot Memory 2 x 1GB memory sticks (PC6400, 800MHz). I used DDR2 Patriot Memory 2 x 2GB memory sticks (PC7200, 900MHz) instead and it worked fine and I was able to boot it and install CentOs Linux.

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