8800 gtx Blue dots on Start up

Hey --

Just recently I have had a problem with blue dots coming up on my bios, well...sometimes its green dots..maybe even some streaks. It works in safe mode.

It gets to windows log in but the screen is black with a white bar at the top.

I thought it might be a overheating problem??? but I run it at 50 C on average. ..

any one else have this problem or maybe some tips to what I could do ??

Thanks all!
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    you are about to buy a new gfx card

    the old one is .......tired and needs a lie down
  2. lmao. thanks
  3. My Asus 8800 GTX died this past weekend (October 17th) almost exactly the same way your card did. Dots and streaks during POST and in the BIOS screen. It boots fine in safe mode but BSOD oocurs at winlogon screen with normal boot. Removing the driver allows one normal boot until Win 7 installs a driver for it (automatically, apparently) and crashing returns on subsequent startups. I tried several older Nvidia drivers with no luck. My brother had the exact same card as mine and his died only days before. Yours makes the 4th 8800 GTX I am aware of failing in this manner in the past month or so. Perhaps the 8800 GTX candles are all burning out?

    Anyone else?

    My condolensces, I too am looking for a new GPU.
  4. Both my friend and I lost our 8800GTXs, about a month ago, due to VRAM going bad, followed by the same display artifacts described here. So yes, it seems many of them are going out these days.
  5. a lot of 8800's dying these days weird
  6. ok anyone have any dead 8800 and is willing to donate them to an art project please say i
  7. For anyone searching this...

    Found other references to taking the video card apart and placing in the oven, on top of aluminum foil, with 1 inch aluminum balls holding it up.

    Baked at 385 degrees for 10 minutes, and came out tasting... err... working great.

    EVGA 8800 GTX. Bought it in 2007, was about to buy a new one, tried the baking fix and it worked.
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